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Q. My sprinklers won’t turn off, even when I turn the controller to the off or standby position. How do I turn off the system?
A. Try unplugging controller; if sprinklers “turn off”, follow directions to reprogram controller on the door of your controller or consult your controller manual. If sprinklers still do not “turn off”, follow emergency “water off” procedures listed below.
Emergency water off procedures:
a) Locate your Green Estates Lawn Sprinklers closeout info. package and follow instructions…or
b) Locate the backflow device on the outside wall and turn off the ball valve. Turn so handle is perpendicular to the pipe. If valve is more than 2 years old, you may need a large pliers to coax valve to turn…or
c) Locate master valve in basement or mechanical room near water meter, or well tank. This valve is usually marked with a white “Green Estates Lawn Sprinklers” tag. If you are still having difficulty, locate where the pipe penetrates the wall and follow back to ball valve.
d) Some residential and many commercial properties have their water source in meter pits near the street. If this is the case call Green Estates Lawn Sprinklers to turn off the water or call the water company. Do not attempt to open a meter pit yourself.


Q. How do I reprogram my controller?
A. Follow directions on inside cover of timer…or locate your controller manual in the Green Estates Lawn Sprinkler closeout info folder…or use the Rainbird help site and follow directions. If you still have a problem call Green Estates Lawn Sprinklers for quick service.


Q. My sprinklers won’t “turn on” in Auto, or Manual position of my controller; how do I get my sprinkler system to “turn on”?
A. Locate the rain switch bypass switch and turn to the bypass position. On the Rainbird E series controller, remove the lower cover to expose the switch. If system still does not “turn on” call Green Estates Lawn Sprinklers for quick service.


Q. How do I adjust my sprinklers?
A. Visit the Rainbird help site…or Call Green Estates Lawn Sprinklers for quick service.


Q. How long should I water my lawn and garden?
A. This will depend on the type of sprinkler used and the precipitation rate of the sprinkler. Spray sprinklers used in shrub beds apply water at a very rapid rate of about 2″ per hour and rotors about .35″ per hour for a full circle sprinkler. A typical program will water the shrub zones for 10 minutes, part circle rotors for 30 minutes, and full circle rotors for 60 minutes. This program will repeat 3 times a week, averaging about an inch of precipitation a week. This will need to be seasonally adjusted for optimum moisture requirements. Call our service professionals at Green Estates to help set up your program.


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