Frequently Asked Questions

Are you operating during the COVID-19 outbreak? How are you keeping customers and employees safe?

During these trying times, we are committed to ensuring we can provide trusted services safely as we have for nearly 50 years. We are closely following all public health updates and recommendations and adjusting our protocols accordingly. Our installation and maintenance technicians are trained in the proper use of masks, gloves, sanitizer, booties and ways to minimize touching of surfaces. For some customers, we can use external controllers and cloud-based remote systems to reduce the need for entering homes and buildings. We wish good health for everyone and are available to answer questions, provide assessments and troubleshoot problems. Together, we will get through this challenging situation!

My sprinklers won’t turn off, even when I turn the controller to the off or standby position. How do I turn off the system?

The water source for some residential and many commercial properties is found in a meter pit near the street. If this is the case, call us or the water company right away to turn off the water. Do NOT attempt to open a meter pit yourself.

Otherwise, try unplugging the controller. If the sprinklers turn off, follow the reprogramming directions shown on the door of your controller or consult your controller manual.

If the sprinklers still do not turn off, follow the instructions included with your Green Estates closeout information package.

If you can’t locate those instructions quickly, follow these emergency “water off” procedures:

1. Locate the backflow device on the outside wall and turn off the ball valve. Turn it so that the handle is perpendicular to the pipe. If the valve is more than two years old, you may need large pliers to coax it to turn. If it won’t turn, go to the next step.

2. Locate the master valve (often situated in the basement or mechanical room near the water meter or well tank). This valve is usually marked with a white “Green Estates Lawn Sprinklers” tag. If you are still having difficulty, locate where the pipe penetrates the wall and follow it back to the ball valve.

How do I reprogram my controller?

You’ll find instructions for reprogramming your controller:

  • On the inside cover of your timer, or
  • Within the controller manual provided in your Green Estates closeout information package, or
  • On the Rain Bird Product Support Center

If you can’t resolve the problem, call us for quick service.

My sprinklers won’t turn on in either the auto or manual controller positions. How do I get the system to turn on?

Locate the rain switch bypass switch and turn it to the bypass position. In most cases, this will solve the problem. If this doesn’t work, please call us for support.

How do I adjust my sprinklers?

Visit the Rain Bird Product Support Center or call us for quick service.

How long should I water my lawn and garden?

It depends on the type of sprinkler used and its precipitation rate. Spray sprinklers used in shrub beds apply water at a very rapid rate of about two inches per hour, while rotors apply water at a rate of about 0.35 inch per hour for a full-circle sprinkler. A typical program will water shrub zones with spray sprinklers for 10 minutes, with part-circle rotors watering for 30 minutes and full-circle rotors watering for 60 minutes. This program will repeat three times each week, resulting in about one inch of precipitation a week on average. This will need to be seasonally adjusted for optimum moisture requirements.

 If you’re not sure what’s right for you, call us to help set up your program.

To inquire about our maintenance services, please email